Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Day of departure

Its 5:30 Am, and I'll be boarding a plane to DC in a few hours. Just one day after the anniversary of 9/11. For those of you who haven't been receiving emails about the inspiration and intention of this trip with Code Pink, I"ll enclose a snippet below of what I've sent aroumd to my lists.

Tonight I'll go to Code Pink house, a rental house neat the Capitol that can sleep about 20-25 women ( or at least provide space to lie down- I'm not sure how much sleeping goes on!). From there we find out what hearings are happening and what Copde Pink events, actions, gatherings are in the work. Some will be visiting their rep's (more likely their aides) to press on the vital imprtance of funding only that whichi will draw this desperately destructive and wrongheaded US war to a speedy finish. I also want to bring up with those I speak to the specter of an Iran attach, which is clearly in the works.

I am as ready as I can be. The support that has poured in since I sent my first email about my decision to join Code Pink thsi week has been phenomenal. Ehanks to all! I know I carry many many voices and spirits with me. I represent you , as others have reprecsented me all these years as they've traveled to South Aftrica, to Bosnia, to Nicaragua, to be directo bodies on the ground (and minds and haearts) working for freedom and justice nad peace.. Now its my turn to be the one to pick up, drop the daily life, leave the familiarity behind, and go take a (small) risk.

Gotta go. read on for background.

(From previous emails about this journey)
Recently I've felt called to bring songs and singing to Code Pink (the
women's activist /peace group that started after 9/11) events in the Bay
Area,such as the hunger strikes and peace encampments at Dinae Fenistein
and Nancy Pelosi's houses. This Wednesday morning I leave to join them
in Washington DC for a week
of activism, focusing on the next congressional vote about funding the war
YET AGAIN. I feel moved to go the extra mile in this time, and put my
body and spirit a little closer to the direct encounter with the "powers and
principalities" of this country. I'm excited, apprehensive, very curious,
and ready to learn, and give and grow.
My intention is to bring the kind of musical power and healing that
fueled so many social justice movements before, songs I've been writing
and singing for years in various movements and groups amd spiritual
settings.,Some Healing, some feisty, some sacred, some rousing- the


At April 30, 2008 at 12:51 PM , Blogger Morning Coffee said...

Useing a freinds Blogger addy,i can be reached at
this is Sue from SanFrancisco,i used to work at RestStop..
many fond memories there..
Good to see you following your path:)
My daughter is all grown up now witha child of her own and another on the way..I spoke to her of you and she says to say hello and its nice to know you are still aropund beingsa peaceful rebel rouser:)
Blessed Be
Sue and my life partner Eagle


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